Review: Northwave Clan Flat Pedal Shoes

When Italian company Northwave set out to develop a new flat pedal shoe, they knew they had to bring something really good to the table in order to get riders to consider stepping away from the more well-known options on the market.

By partnering with Michelin, Northwave believes they have the rubber compound – one of the most important parts of a flat pedal shoe – figured out. The Clan shoe is designed to be stiff but not overly clunky or difficult to move in, with ample padding and protection throughout.

The Clan is part of Northwave’s “Pro” line of shoes. It comes in black, blue, and orange colors and sells for $149.99 USD.

Northwave Clan Details
• Michelin rubber sole
• Internal adapted TPU shank
• Reinforced toe and heel
• Rubber sidewall arch support
• Tread on toe for walking traction
• Colors: black, blue, orange
• Weight: 484 grams per shoe, size 43
• $149.99 USD

Michelin’s ‘Gravity Top’ flat sole system is designed to provide traction on the pedals, good grip when you’re on your feet, and plenty of support.
Reinforced toe and heel cups offer added support and, more importantly, protection.


The Clan is Northwave’s top of the line gravity flat pedal shoe. Northwave developed two different soles with Michelin, the “Gravity Top” used in the Clan and then the “Gravity” which is used for the more sport-level shoe, the Tribe. The Gravity Top sole has a few things that separate it from the lower-end Gravity sole, including its tread pattern, increased arch support, and EVA cushioning.

The tread compound on the shoe is inspired by Michelin’s Jet XCR tire. It’s made to offer a lot of traction on wet and slippery surfaces while still being durable enough to hold up to being repeatedly poked by pedal pins. The tread pattern on the toe and heel is designed to provide traction during hike-a-bike sections of a ride. In the middle of the shoe, where the shoes will sit on the pedals, there’s a smoother flat area with cuts and sipes for locking into the pins and keeping your feet securely in place.

There’s an internal shank that’s designed to keep the shoe stiff and firmly secured around the shape of the rider’s foot. Last but not least, an elastic lace trap is used to keep the shoelaces from becoming ensnared in your chain, or wrapped around a crankarm.

Reinforced toe and heel zones to abate the stray rock or other impacts.
Laces are kept neatly out of the way and retained by an easy-to-use elastic band on the tongue of the shoe.


Right out of the box, the Clan was noticeably well supported yet comfortable. My foot is a tad on the narrow side, and I found that I did have some extra room in the toe box, but I wasn’t slipping or sliding around in the shoe. The heel cup is stout and does an excellent job of keeping the foot supported, and there is ample arch support as well. The Clan laces up nicely and the laces stow out of the way with the elastic band. It also does a nice job of helping the shoes stay tied, something that can be a bit of an issue with lace-up shoes, especially if you’re riding jungly trails where branches tend to magically untie them.

On the pedals, the Clan is extremely grippy and offers all of the traction I could ask for, as much as any of the other leading shoes. Even with all that grip, I still found it especially easy to reposition it if my stance wasn’t exactly how I wanted. The middle of the sole being flatter and having more siping than raised tread helps with this. I had no trouble keeping my feet on the pedals when the terrain became rough, and the shoe doesn’t mute the feel of the pedals, something that’s crucial when riding on flats.

As far as walking around and traction off the bike is concerned, the Clan scores top marks for wet rocks and sketchy terrain. The shoe has traction enough for plenty of confidence in hike-a-bikes and isn’t so stiff that it’s not comfortable enough to hang out in post-ride.


+ Plenty of support for long rides
+ Comfortable & well constructed
+ Good traction on and off the bike


– May be a little roomy for riders with narrower feet.

Daniel Sapp in Pisgah National Forest.

Pinkbike’s Take

bigquotes There are a number of good options for a flat pedal shoe out there and the Clan is undoubtedly one of them. It offers plenty of traction on and off of the pedals, it has a supportive fit, and it has proven durable with use in some pretty poor conditions. For someone that’s looking for a well-engineered flat pedal shoe, the Clan is worth checking out.



Bold colours for men’s dress shoes

The rise of sneakers as an enduring fashion trend has one major side effect: Dress shoes have slipped under the radar. Be it classic Oxfords or leisurely loafers, dress shoes are giving way to casual lace-ups even in formal settings like the office or a soiree. Men themselves are partly to blame, limiting their choice of dress shoes to basic neutrals. But colour is an instant short cut to a standout shoe. As Giuseppe Santoni, CEO of luxury footwear brand Santoni, says, “Colour, together with design and proportion, is a very important element (in shoes)”.

While black and tan dress shoes are traditionally integral to men’s closets, offbeat shades like sky blue, forest green, beige and grey are now emerging. Brands such as Prada and Berluti are experimenting with ombré and tonal techniques; on the other hand, British fashion brand Alexander McQueen offsets minimal black leather shoes with a look-at-me yellow platform sole. Shoemaker Christian Louboutin goes further, elevating his designs with floral motifs, glitter, studs and multicoloured patterns.

Sky-blue loafers from Santoni.
Sky-blue loafers from Santoni.

At Santoni, shoemakers employ a long-standing signature technique. “We have created a technique where we add different layers of colour to give (the shoes) depth and uniqueness,” he says, adding that colour is the brand’s way of combining traditional craftsmanship with fashion.

The most effective way to wear these shoes? Turn the attention to your feet, and keep the rest of your outfit neutral. Monochrome ensembles or shades of the same colour are big this season—seen on the Spring/Summer 2019 runways of Ermenegildo Zegna, Giorgio Armani and Acne Studios—and another great way to try the trend.


11 Of The Best Men’s Shoes To Wear Without Socks That Won’t Smell

11 Of The Best Men's Shoes To Wear Without Socks That Won't

Warm weather means it’s time to swap your shoes and say goodbye to bulky boots and hello to sandals, boat shoes and slip-on sneakers. Some guys who really want to free their feet this season might even dare to go sockless, but there is a catch.

Wearing sneakers without socks in the summer always sounds like a good idea — until it isn’t. Between the sweltering heat and extra outdoor time, bare feet can get sweaty and smelly quick. That is, only if you’re wearing the wrong shoes.

If you’re looking to forgo socks with your footwear, the key is to look for sneakers that are made with breathable materials like canvas, leather or wool. It helps to have an antimicrobial lining to prevent bacteria or odor buildup. Machine-washable shoes are a winning idea because you can easily toss them in the laundry when they get too mucky.

To help you on your sockless journey, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best men’s shoes you can wear without socks that won’t leave your feet sweaty or smelly. And if you want more of our editor-sourced products and reviews, sign up for HuffPost’s sales and deals newsletter.

Take a look below:

  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox

    These Converse have a canvas upper, canvas lining and cushioned footbed.Find them for $50 at Zappos.

  • Sperry Authentic Original

    These Sperry shoes have a leather upper and dri-lex sock liner.Find them for $95 at Zappos.

  • TOMS Classic Canvas

    These TOMS have a canvas upper, breathable textile lining and suede leather footbed.Find them for $48 at Zappos.

  • Nike Revolution 4

    These Nikes have a mesh upper and fabric lining.Find them for $60 at Zappos.

  • Vans Authentic Core Classics

    These Vans have a canvas upper and cotton lining.Find them for $50 at Zappos.

  • Rockport Ports of Call Perth

    These Rockports have a leather upper and moisture-wicking suede lining. Find them for $110 at Zappos

  • Allbirds Men’s Wool Loungers

    These Allbirds are made with moisture-wicking wool and are machine washable.Find them for $95 at Allbirds.

  • adidas Running UltraBOOST

    These adidas shoes have a knit textile upper and foam insole.Find it for $179 on Zappos.

  • Keds Pro-Keds Royal Lo Classic Canvas

    These Keds have canvas uppers, a breathable fabric lining and foam footbed.Get them for $60 at Zappos.

  • Dockers Beacon

    These Dockers have a nubuck and mesh upper with a breathable fabric lining.Find them for $60 on Zappos.

  • Sanuk Rounder

    These Sanuks have a canvas upper and lining.Find them for $52 at Zappos.

  • New Balance M990V4

    These New Balances have leather upper and fabric lining.Find them for $165 on Zappos.


7 Colour-Blocked Shoes To Add Fun To Your Summer Style

The Swirlster Picks team writes about stuff we think you’ll like. Swirlster has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

7 Colour-Blocked Shoes To Add Fun To Your Summer Style

Get yourself these colourpop shoes and stay on point

A splash of colours can go a long way when it comes to making chic style statements. If you have been looking to amp up your summer fashion game, then turn to peppy colours that can instantly set you apart. With the colour block trend ruling the charts in the last few seasons, we are sure that this is one style that is here to stay for awhile. So other than pretty tops and dresses, get yourself standout colour block shoes that will definitely be a huge hit. Tempted to get yourself brand new shoes? We have listed down 7 cool colour-blocked shoes from Amazon for you to choose from:

1. Mochi Women Colour-Blocked Casual Shoes

Add a splash of colour to your casual looks by getting yourself these trendy shoes from Mochi that feature lace-ups in multiple hues.

Mochi Women’s Red Sneakers-6 UK/India (39 EU) (36-8397-18-39)
(50% off)

Buy on Amazon

(Also read: Team Your Everyday Outfits With These 8 Trendy Casual Shoes)

2. Lavie Women Green And Red Colour-Blocked Flats

Stay comfortable and chic by adding these cool flats to your collection. It features forefoot and ankle straps with lace-ups.

Lavie Women’s 7920 Flats Green Fashion Sandals – 6 UK/India (39 EU)
(49% off)

Buy on Amazon

3. Catwalk Women Colour-Blocked Flats

These comfortable and trendy flats from Catwalk are sure to become your favourite. It comes in mustard and metallic gold hues.

Catwalk Women’s Yellow Leather Fashion Sandals-7 UK/India (39 EU) (3945Y-7)
(20% off)

Buy on Amazon

4. Footin Women Beige And Blue Colour-Blocked Peep Toes

Pick these peppy wedges from Footin to stay on point this season. The pumps features peep toes with beige and blue hues.

Footin Women’s Beige Pumps – 6 UK/India (39 EU)(6518911)
(33% off)

Buy on Amazon

5. Crocs Unisex Colour-Blocked Clogs

Make a colour splash by adding these cool pair of clogs to your shoe closet. It comes in blue, green and yellow hues.

crocs Unisex’s Lite Ride Graphic Blue Jean/Tennis Ball Green Clogs-M9W11 (205070-47O)

Buy on Amazon

6. Bata Women Colour-Blocked Wedges

These wedges from Bata are sure to become your favourite pair of shoes in this season. It will help you beat the heat and stay chic.

BATA Women’s Sofiya Gold Slippers – 5 UK/India (38 EU) (7718335)
(23% off)

Buy on Amazon

7. Catwalk Women Colour-Blocked Flats

Notch up your everyday looks with this pair of colourful flats from Catwalk. It features a forefoot fabric strap with braided detail in multiple hues.

Catwalk Women’s Multicolour Fashion Sandals-5 UK/India (37 EU) (2496MT)
(37% off)

Buy on Amazon

Get yourself these colourpop shoes and stay on point.


Solving shoes, the carbon footprint that really is a footprint

Solving shoes, the carbon footprint that really is a footprint

Consumers worried about their carbon footprints might want to take a look at, well, their footprints. The footwear industry is already aware of the climate impacts linked to materials and production, and working on solutions.

Now new luxury brand AERA has hit the streets with a shoe collection designers say is carbon-negative. The AERA line is a concept developed by prominent fashion executive Tina Bhojwani, an industry veteran of Donna Karan and Dolce & Gabbana, along with footwear designer Jean-Michel Cazabat and entrepreneur Alvertos Revach. They teamed up to deliver what they’re calling “vegan shoes” while offsetting the carbon and water inputs of footwear.

“We are working to set a new normal, one in which style, design and quality are analogous with sustainability,” said CEO Bhojwani. “I’m thrilled to announce that we have reached our number one objective – to become carbon negative.”

The company says it’s doing that through investment in reforestation projects that offset the carbon footprint by 110 percent, and water restoration certificates purchased through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to achieve the same level of offsets on consumption. “And we’re not stopping there,” Bhojwani said. “Our next objective is to find ways to offset other key impacts.”

The shoes are made in the Veneto region of Italy in partnership with two families that have operated shoe factories for years, with just 20 and six employees respectively; the AERA team says that’s a conscious decision to support artisanal craftsmanship and corporate stewardship. AERA is also committed to living wages across its supply chain and is sourcing 95 percent of its materials from Italy too. The shoes are sold to consumers online.

A life-cycle assessment and impact verification for all AERA products was completed by SCS Global Services (SCS) to evaluate  the environmental  impacts of the materials, manufacturing process, transport and ultimate end-of-life for the shoes. Keith Killpack, the technical director for SCS, says the work “sets an important precedent for this industry given our current global climate challenge.”

The value of offsets and credits in the climate change fight can be controversial, as illustrated by a recent Pro Publica report on carbon credits and deforestation, but the AERA launch is a well-heeled step in the right direction for an industry that is looking for solutions to its outsize footprint.

A 2018 report from Qantis International looked at the impacts of synthetic, leather and textile-based shoes produced globally – more than half are synthetic – and found that footwear accounts for between 16 and 32 percent of the fashion industry’s total pollution though in different ways. Leather requires more raw materials and processing, often with toxic chemicals; textile-based shoes use a lot of water, and synthetics a lot of plastic.

Far too often all of them end up in a landfill, which is a problem reuse and recycling advocates like ShoeAid in the UK are trying to change.

Some shoe companies are turning to new materials like eucalyptus tree pulp or recaptured ocean plastic. Adidas hopes to make all of its running shoes from recycled plastic, beginning with marine waste. The company is a co-sponsor with nonprofit Parley of the Run for the Oceans, which kicks off on World Oceans Day on June 8.


M&S’ £50 summer shoes that sold out in just THREE hours are finally back in stock (but they’re already being snapped up so you’ll have to act fast)

A pair of M&S shoes that sold out in just three hours are back in stock.

The Fran, designed around a statement bow, proved a hit with shoppers and disappeared from shelves in just three hours when they were first introduced back in February.

The stylish pair of shoes was born from a M&S collaboration with influencer Fran Bacon from Instagram account Fashion Lift.

But act fast if you want to snatch a pair – the shoes are already selling out and have been snapped up in almost every size online, from size three to seven.

They're back! M&S restocked The Fran, its popular spring shoe designed by Fran Bacon of the Fashion Liff

They’re back! M&S restocked The Fran, its popular spring shoe designed by Fran Bacon of the Fashion Liff

The brand announced the Fran’s triumphant return on its Instagram page this morning.

The post read: ‘Sound the klaxon, our sell out Fran shoes from our “The Collective” shoe collection are back in stock.’

‘They sold out when they launched and by popular demand we have bought them back.’

A spokesperson for M&S told Mailonline that the shoes would also come back to ten selected stores across the UK too due to their popularity.

The £49.50 shoe (pictured) sold out in just three hours when it was first released back in February

The £49.50 shoe (pictured) sold out in just three hours when it was first released back in February

But online, some customers struck out while trying to get their hands on the Fran.

One wrote: ‘Added to bag, get to checkout to be told out of stock.’

‘I’m so disappointed that I’ve missed out again, when I went on ten minutes after you posted,’ regretted another.

The £49.50 feminine courts, released next month, are designed around a beautiful statement bow at the tow and boast a soft – and highly wearable – colour palette of nude and pink.

‘These court shoes will provide a feminine and stylish addition to your footwear collection,’ reads the M&S website.

The leather shoes (pictured) are adorned with a statement bow, in pink or nude, and a delicate ankle strap

The leather shoes (pictured) are adorned with a statement bow, in pink or nude, and a delicate ankle strap

The shoes are designed to be as comfortable as pretty, with their special sole built into the design.’ The Fran is part of The Footwear Collective, where social media stars design their own dream footwear for M&S.

The Instagram star styled hers with a pair of torn blue denim jeans and a sumptuously soft dusty rose velvet bag.

‘I love how feminine they feel,’ Fran said upon their initial release. ‘It was important that they represented my personality, and I think it has been captured so well.

Fans of the shoes tried to get their hands of a pair, but the item is already selling fast on the brand's website

Fans of the shoes tried to get their hands of a pair, but the item is already selling fast on the brand’s website

‘The neutral colours mean they can be worn with anything, dressed up or dressed down. I’ll be wearing ‘The Fran’ all summer,’ she added.

The high street stalwart unveiled its Footwear collective back in February.  They collaborated with seven stylish Instagrammers, who boast a combined following of more than 700,000 fans.

The women, all based in the UK, each designed their own shoe to reflect their personal style, whether it be a playful slide, statement heel or sporty sandal.