Outdoor Shoes: High-Tech and Fashion Products in One

Outdoor-Schuhe von Adidas Terrex und Keen vor der Baustellendekoration

At OutDoor by ISPO, shoe specialists such as On (running shoes) or Lowa (trekking and mountain sports) will be presenting with new models, as will representatives of the classic shoe trade such as Ecco or Gabor.

The exhibitors also include major brands such as Adidas, Aku, Kamik, Keen, Meindl, Merrell, Tecnica and the insole specialist Sidas as well as the sole expert Vibram.

The latest trends and models from the world of shoes, socks and accessories can be found in a special show in Hall A5 in the Shoe & Trailrunning Village. Visitors can test shoes on a 50 metre long test track, no matter if they prefer stylish sneakers or specialized high tour boots.

The area will also host the Run & Trail Summit on Tuesday, July 2nd. The agenda includes an elevator pitch for the most innovative trail running products at the fair.

Outstanding and innovative shoes were also awarded at Outstanding Outdoor.


Testing Apple iPhone XS Max accessories: Element Case Vapor-S and ZAAP Quick Touch One Pro

Apple iPhone XS Max sports a very high price tag, and that’s also why you should invest in a good case to keep this safe. Here we tested two iPhone XS Max accessories.

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Testing out some accessories for the Apple iPhone XS Max: Element Case Vapor-S offers some sturdy protection for your expensive iPhone.

The Apple iPhone XS Max is a unique phone in the iOS universe. It might be the first of many in this size, but for now it is unique. But it also posses unique challenges. Despite having the best glass Apple has ever put on a phone, the fact is that this phone has glass on two sides, which has its threshold.

Given the price tag of the phone you have to invest in something that protects it all day long. And since you have paid a grand packet on the iPhone XS Max, it might not make much sense to mummify your phone, hiding its features and style.

This is where the Element Case Vapor-S comes in. The Vapor-S is a metal bumper case for the iPhone XS Max with rear glass protection. That is putting it mildly. This is infact a military grade metal frame for the iPhone, that keeps it away from the surface in case of a fall.

And I was not joking when I said military grade. The case needs to be riveted in with a unique wrench, which you also need in order to take the case off. This means the bumper is tightly in place at all times.