Style Trends 2019: 5 must-have accessories to upgrade your summer fashion

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Upgrade your summer wardrobe with some stylish accessories. (Unsplash)

Summer fashion is never complete with some good mix of bright and bold accessories. Accessories can make or break a look so picking the right ones is essential to stand out. As the summer trends have voluminous tops, denim wear, lots of white and colours, layered accessories, headbands, retro bags, tasselled jewellery among others this year, upgrade your wardrobe with some stunning pieces that can totally enhance your summer street style.

If you are ready for some fresh inspiration, go for bright scarves, big sunglasses, quirky totes and cool hats and caps to battle the heat wave in style. You can wear these with whites, head-to-toe denim, linen wear, summer jackets and go for bright sneakers, strappy sandals, muted espadrilles to complete the summer look.

Here are 5 summer pieces that can perfect your summer street style and how.

1. Big sunglasses are one of this top trends this summer season. Go for tinted once to add a dash of colour to you look. You can experiment with interesting frames and shapes. 

2. Headbands are the perfect accessory to enhance you street style look. These muti-purpose accessories can be styled with bracelets and cuffs along with being one of the classic hair accessories of all times. 

3. Bright totes are trending this season. If you love art, pick one of these to add a dash of brightness to your look. 

4. Go for the hats and caps to add funk to your summer style. Pick you favourite colours and pair them with denim wear, cottons and linens. 

5. One of the most staple and gorgeous accessories, the scarves are an ideal pick this summer. You can accessorise them in so many ways and add the perfect splash of colours to your look. 


10 Must-Have Accessories to Host The Ultimate Wine Evening

Wine Opener

Wine Opener

A sturdy and solid wine opener to open your favourite Old World Wine is a must have. Everyone prefers and trusts the good old butterfly opener.

Wine Glass

Wine Glass

A perfect glass is what makes all the difference to how your wine will taste.

An excellent French vino might end up tasting horrible if poured and served in a beer glass.

Ice Bucket

Ice Bucket

Invest in some simple inexpensive Ice Buckets.

They are the crux to your wine tasting and it would be so when the wine is chilled to the perfect temperature.

An ideal temperature to chill your wines is- Sparkling Wine: 6-8 degree Celsius; White Wine / Rose: 8-12 degree Celsius; Red Wine: 14-18 degree Celsius; Sweet Wine: 6-8 degree Celsius.Also, make sure you store your wines very carefully in a cool dark place where there is no direct sunlight.

Wines with cork should always be placed horizontally so that the cork is in constant contact with the wine and does not dry up.