Aishwarya slips and almost falls at Deepika-Ranveer reception. Shweta comes to her rescue

(L-R) Shweta Bachchan Nanda, Jaya Bachchan and Aishwraya Rai Bachchan. Photo: Yogen Shah

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s Mumbai reception on December 1 night was a starry, starry affair. The who’s who of Bollywood turned up dressed in the best of their attires and made sure the party was a night to remember. Newlyweds Deepika and Ranveer partied with their Hindi film industry colleagues till the wee hours of the morning.

Deepika and Ranveer hosted the third of their receptions last night and it was a full house (except for a few who were not invited to the party).

The Bachchans arrived at the party and posed for photos in front of the lenses.

Amitabh Bachchan, along with wife Jaya, daughter Shweta Bachchan Nanda and daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai Bachchan attended the event last evening. Abhishek Bachchan was not at the event.

While it was a mostly uneventful an evening, while entering the photo-op area, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan stumbled and nearly fell. Sister-in-law Shweta caught Aishwarya’s hand and rescued her from the awkward situation.


Fad Or Fixture: How Relevant Are CGI Models To The Fashion And Beauty Industries?

Balmain campaign

Balmain campaignBalmain

Lil Miquela has 1.5 million followers on Instagram. She’s 19-years-old, based in Los Angeles, a model and a musician.

The thing is, she’s also not real.

This computer-generated supermodel is the digital brainchild of an LA-based agency called Brud, which has recently received around $6 million in its latest funding round, led by Silicon Valley investors including Sequoia Capital.

That comes off the back of the fact that Lil Miquela, otherwise known as their resident “influencer”, make-believe though she is, is receiving real work.

Out front hiring her and various others that have been created, is the fashion industry, with brands from Balmain, Dior, Prada and Louis Vuitton having all jumped on the virtual avatar train.

Most recently, Lil Miquela featured in UGG’s 40th anniversary campaign, blending in seamlessly alongside two real-life influencers as though she were a natural part of the cast. For the unsuspecting onlooker, it’s not immediately clear she’s not.

The question is, do CGI models hold true value for such businesses, or is this just a fad? On the latest episode of the Innovators podcast by TheCurrent, I debate the topic with tech expert, Liz Bacelar


How This Instagram Influencer Is Building A Lifestyle Brand Through Beauty And Fashion

Shiva Safai, a model, entrepreneur and Instagram influencer, is influencing the way young girls and women view themselves through beauty and fashion. She’s taken her years of operating a criminal-background company and applied it to building her lifestyle brand. With the launch of her new jewelry collection in collaboration with Noush jewelry, Safai is building her empire one business at a time.

Shiva Safai

Shiva Safai, entrepreneur, on a photo shoot in Los Angeles, California.Aleksander Braun and Cameron West

“When thinking of the collection,” Safai stated. “I wanted to create pieces that are meaningful to myself, my culture and my followers in every detail. I want to show kids that anything you dream of you can achieve. You have to work hard and believe in yourself. There’s going to be people who won’t believe in you and who would want to destroy your dreams and your self-confidence. As long as you believe in yourself you can achieve anything you want.”

What started off as just a job, turned into the beginning of Safai’s entrepreneurial journey. Before the term ‘social media influencer’ emerged, she focused on the operation of her own company that conducted criminal-background checks. She quickly picked up on dealing with everything from traffic violations to felony charges and violations. “It never felt like work,” she shares. “I was intrigued by all the court cases and all the information I would get on a daily basis. One year turned into 10-years of running the company.”

She opened her first company with one of her cousins. Unfortunately, there was a falling out between the two of them. Through this experience, Safai strengthened her self-confidence and made a promise to herself to remain steadfast. “I was devastated,” she shares. “I wanted to give up and go back to Norway. I would call my mom every night. She kept saying, ‘you have worked so hard. You’ve done it once before and you can do it again. If you quit now, you’re going to let them win.’ My mom was there to talk me through it and give me the courage to restart the company again and I did. The second time I did it that was the successful one.”

Shiva Safai

Shiva Safai, lifestyle influencer, behind the scenes for her Jewelry Line shoot.Aleksander Braun and Cameron West


Safai had a commute from Orange County to Los Angeles where her office was located. She would bring her sleeping bag with her and sleep in the office, sometimes two-to-three days a week. With a short staff, Safai had to work longer hours to ensure that her company thrived. “If people said that one day I would get into fashion and beauty,” she states, “I would say ‘there’s no way.’ I never saw myself in that world, although, I always loved fashion. After dissolving the partnership [of the second company], this fell into my lap. It was a completely different world.”

“It taught me,” Safai continues, “that working hard and believing in something will get you to your dream; you just don’t give up. It’s never easy, ever. It always takes hard work. There were days where I wanted to give up, and I thought I was failing but I wasn’t. In actuality, I was growing. There were a lot of errors I made but I learned from it, and I did it bigger and better as the years went by. I’ve learned that sometimes things don’t go the way you want but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Your work ethic is important. That is one thing that has stuck with me since opening up my first company. It disciplined me to put in the hard work. Only you can be responsible for your own success; no one else can do the job for you.”

Gradually, Safai began modeling. It wasn’t until she and her fiancé, real-estate mogul Mohamed Hadid, joined the cast of E! Network’s Second Wives Club that she entertained the idea of starting her own fashion beauty media brand. “This is the next chapter of my life,” Safai smiles. “Being on the show made me realize this was the next career I was going to get into; where I would focus my energy.”

Shiva Safai

Atelier NL and Envisions named designers of the year at Dezeen Awards

Atelier NL and Envisions named designers of the year at Dezeen Awards

Amy Frearson | 13 hours ago Leave a comment

Dutch design duo Atelier NL has been named Designer of the Year while fellow Dutch studio Envisions has won Emerging Designer of the Year at Dezeen Awards.

Atelier NL founders Nadine Sterk and Lonny van Ryswyck won the Designer of the Year prize, which is given for “all-round design excellence over a body of work by an designer or design studio that has been in business for more than 10 years”.

The Eindhoven-based pair have built up a body of work exploring the potential of locally sourced raw materials, including sand, soil and clay.

Atelier NL and Envisions named designers of the year at Dezeen Awards
The studio has recently been collecting samples of wild sand from around the world

Their Clay Service project has produced a range of ceramics that showcase clay varieties from different locations around the Netherlands.

Meanwhile their recent project ZandGlass – for which they won the Homeware Design of the Year prize – saw them draw from their research into wild sand around the world to create a range of regionally specific glassware.

Atelier NL and Envisions named designers of the year at Dezeen Awards
Atelier NL use this material to create their regionally specific ZandGlass glassware

The jury praised the designers for the “consistent sensitivity throughout their work” and they way they concentrate on “local materials and responsible production practices whilst also maintaining a very high level of aesthetics throughout all their projects.”

“They tackle ideas such as sense of place and geographic specificity successfully, making the conversation about sustainable practices a richer one,” said the judges.

“Using impressively rigorous and interesting design thinking, they create beautiful objects with good craftsmanship.”

The prize sees the pair presented with a Dezeen Awards trophy that they designed themselves. Made from London clay, they were produced by hand from craftspeople at brick manufacturer Wienerberger.

Atelier NL and Envisions named designers of the year at Dezeen Awards


Urban Zen Celebrates Designer and Artist Robert Lee Morris

Having worked hand in hand with Robert Lee Morris for years on jewelry with her own brands, Donna Karan always knew that she wanted to do something special for the artist within her Urban Zen space. “This reminds me of everything we’ve done together and now he’s taking it into another dimension and I see even more reasons to do it together,” she expressed.

Karan’s whole idea of Urban Zen is, “past, present and future” (through preserving culture and future education); she celebrated the works of Lee Morris’ as such through an intimate gathering of his latest sculptural works, displayed within the  Greenwich space among photographs by Jimmy Nelson, sculptures by Karan’s late husband Stephan Weiss, and handmade accessories, home decor, textiles, clothing and more from artisans around the world.

“This is an official launch of the latest sculpture collection,” Lee Morris proclaimed. ”I’ve been making them and making them and making them and they piled up, so I had no more room in my studio. I happened to come to a birthday party for Stan Herman here [at Urban Zen] and Donna said, “What have you been doing?” and I showed her the pictures and she went, ‘I want them here, immediately.’ So from that point, which was only about two months ago, we scrambled to get all this together.

While sculpture is something Lee Morris has always done, it was never a major focus until the last year or two.

“Now I consider myself a sculptor,” he stated, “I’ve been a jewelry designer, but my main focus now is sculpting. It’s not wearable stuff, but things that look like they have the jewelry touch somehow.there’s a sensitivity, a fragility.”

In the past, Lee Morris had shown, and sold, larger sculptural works in Donna Karan’s Madison Avenue store, as well as in some galleries, but he saw more movement with his smaller brass works with home decor appeal. The sculptor explained that each piece takes about two days, or “one very furious day,” where he cuts and hammers until his hands can no longer hold the works-in-progress. Each piece, from the more affordable “sails” or larger “artichoke fire” pieces indeed hold the appeal and allure of his work in jewelry.

A range of his productions was shown Tuesday night and will be available for purchase throughout Urban Zen’s upcoming Holiday Marketplace — smaller “sails” sculptures and a small assortment of jewelry starting individually for $350 to $5,000 and ranging up to $12,500. Works that are perfect for the holidays and Christmas lists, according to Lee Morris. “I would really love it if someone would give me a sculpture like this. (So one-of-a-kind.) Especially if it’s someone you already own and appreciate their work.”


Going Mobile: Fourteen Accessories for Mobile Photos and Filmmaking

OlloClip Mobile Photography Box Set

OlloClip Mobile Photography Box Set

Designed for Apple’s iPhone X, the Box Set delivers three lenses: a 180-degree fisheye; a super-wide-angle lens with a 120-degree field of view; and a 15x Macro lens. The lenses can work on both front- and rear-facing cameras, and the mount can be placed on your phone even with a screen protector in place. The included Pendant Stand can be opened to create a tiny tripod. The kit also includes lens caps and a microfiber cloth. The lens mount works with any of the company’s Connect X series of interchangeable phone lenses, but not the older Connect lenses.

PRICE: $200

Pictar Pro

Pictar Pro

Slip the Pictar Pro onto your iPhone or Android to gain tactile controls over your camera settings, plus you will have a viewfinder and wireless recharging for your phone via the Pro’s internal battery. The Pro has four external control wheels and buttons for adjusting camera settings through the Pictar app. Using the app, you’ll gain control over your phone camera’s exposure compensation, digital zoom, shutter speed and ISO. The updated app also supports RAW file recording. There’s a viewfinder that attaches to your display to help you compose images in sunny conditions. When attached, the Pictar app will automatically adjust the on-screen display to shrink it to fit into the viewfinder’s dimensions. The grip has been updated from the original version with a more tactile “shark skin” material and the satin-finished brass body is more durable.

PRICE: $249

Roland GO: MIXER Pro

Roland GO: MIXER Pro

With the GO:MIXER attached to your Lightning or USB port, you can turn your smartphone into an audio mixer with a nine channel input. You can connect musical instruments, mics (including XLR mics) , monitors and more and output a two-channel stereo audio file directly to your phone. It can operate via battery and last about 4.5 hours on four AAA batteries. It can also draw power from a USB cable.




Unlike the Insta360 One, the PanoClip isn’t a 360-camera add-on, but a lens capable of creating spherical images using your smartphone’s camera. You can snap spherical stills and, using the free app, turn them into rotating images that show off every angle of the frame. The app is integrated with Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat so you can share your spherical creations with the world. And of course, there are stickers and filters to add to your photos as well.

PRICE: $40

Gnarbox 2.0

Gnarbox 2.0 SSD

The second generation of this powerful portable storage drive uses SSD memory (from 256GB-1TB) and packs an Intel Quad Core processor and four-core Intel Graphics card so you can not only store files on the drive, but edit them from your smartphone as well. Connect your mobile device to the Gnarbox via Wi-Fi and you can preview RAW files stored on the drive, make selects, preview and render high-res video, including ProRes format video, and much more. The drive features an SD card slot plus two USB-C ports and a single Micro HDMI port with one-touch backup capability.


See Kate Middleton’s Best Hair Accessories: Headbands, Clips, Bows and More

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Sure, Kate Middleton Opens a New Window. will likely one day be Queen of England, but, in the meantime, she is proving to be the undisputed queen of the hair accessory. The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her ultra-glossy locks Opens a New Window. , and, while we’re used to seeing the mom of three in sophisticated hats and fascinators, she’s been switching up her hair piece game as of late with trendier bows, headbands and more.

Earlier this year, hair net sales spiked in the U.K. after eagle-eyed royal watchers realized the Duchess has been using the chef staple to help secure some of her most intricate chignons and updos. And there’s a lot more where that came from! Whether it’s drugstore jaw clips or high-fashion headbands, Middleton clearly knows that it’s the extras that make an outfit.

Keep scrolling to see her best royal hair accessories moments!

Testing Apple iPhone XS Max accessories: Element Case Vapor-S and ZAAP Quick Touch One Pro

Apple iPhone XS Max sports a very high price tag, and that’s also why you should invest in a good case to keep this safe. Here we tested two iPhone XS Max accessories.

Apple, Apple iPhone XS Max cases, Apple iPhone XS Max Element Case Vapor-S case, Apple iPhone XS best cases, Best cases for iPhone, Top covers for iPhone XS
Testing out some accessories for the Apple iPhone XS Max: Element Case Vapor-S offers some sturdy protection for your expensive iPhone.

The Apple iPhone XS Max is a unique phone in the iOS universe. It might be the first of many in this size, but for now it is unique. But it also posses unique challenges. Despite having the best glass Apple has ever put on a phone, the fact is that this phone has glass on two sides, which has its threshold.

Given the price tag of the phone you have to invest in something that protects it all day long. And since you have paid a grand packet on the iPhone XS Max, it might not make much sense to mummify your phone, hiding its features and style.

This is where the Element Case Vapor-S comes in. The Vapor-S is a metal bumper case for the iPhone XS Max with rear glass protection. That is putting it mildly. This is infact a military grade metal frame for the iPhone, that keeps it away from the surface in case of a fall.

And I was not joking when I said military grade. The case needs to be riveted in with a unique wrench, which you also need in order to take the case off. This means the bumper is tightly in place at all times.