See Kate Middleton’s Best Hair Accessories: Headbands, Clips, Bows and More

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Sure, Kate Middleton Opens a New Window. will likely one day be Queen of England, but, in the meantime, she is proving to be the undisputed queen of the hair accessory. The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her ultra-glossy locks Opens a New Window. , and, while we’re used to seeing the mom of three in sophisticated hats and fascinators, she’s been switching up her hair piece game as of late with trendier bows, headbands and more.

Earlier this year, hair net sales spiked in the U.K. after eagle-eyed royal watchers realized the Duchess has been using the chef staple to help secure some of her most intricate chignons and updos. And there’s a lot more where that came from! Whether it’s drugstore jaw clips or high-fashion headbands, Middleton clearly knows that it’s the extras that make an outfit.

Keep scrolling to see her best royal hair accessories moments!

Nintendo SwitchAccessories Nyko Is Releasing A Bunch Of Switch Accessories Before The End Of The Year

In addition to Nyko’s Dualies – a pair of Joy-Con alternatives due out next month – the third-party gaming accessory manufacturer has revealed it will be releasing a number of other products for the Nintendo Switch before the end of the year. The entire range can be pre-ordered from Nyko’s website and Amazon.

First up we have the Charge Base Plus – a charging dock for the Poké Ball Plus priced at $14.99. It’s powered by a Type-C USB cable and allows the ball to be charged when it’s not being used. It also comes with a carry case, providing increased protection when you’re in transit. Take a look below:

For the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate enthusiasts, Nyko will be offering two handy adapters for the Switch. The first is the four port Retro Controller Hub. As you can probably tell, this is based on the design of the official GameCube adapter and allows GameCube controllers to be used while playing the Switch. Much like the actual product, it connects to the system via USB. It will also set you back $14.99. The other product priced at $9.99 is the Retro Controller Adapter. This is a single-port adapter for one GameCube controller. Check out both of these items below:

Finally, to go alongside the Dualies, we have the Wireless Core Controller, which will be available in Clear, Red, Blue, Purple and Green for $29.99. It’s a relatively straightforward gamepad at an affordable price. Here’s a look at all of the different colours:


Fast Pair accessories get sync support across Android devices

Google has added syncing support for Fast Pair Bluetooth accessories, making it easier for you to connect with Fast Pair accessories across all your Android devices. Google has also revealed that Chromebook support will be added in 2019.

According to Google’s blog post, Fast Pair devices will now be synced with your Google account, similar to how Wi-Fi access points are synced. This allows you to connect all your Android devices with synced Fast Pair accessories seamlessly.

“Today, we’re making it easier for people to connect Fast Pair compatible accessories to devices associated with the same Google Account. Fast Pair will connect accessories to a user’s current and future Android phones (6.0+), and we’re adding support for Chromebooks in 2019.”

How does Fast Pair work?

Google announced the Fast Pair feature last year, allowing users to quickly connect their Fast Pair compatible accessories with their Android devices. Using a Bluetooth Low Energy broadcast, the accessory tries to connect to the Android device. On detecting the broadcast, the device sends a Fast Pair packet to Google’s servers. You will then get a Nearby notification to begin the pairing process – tap on it and you will be good to go in a few seconds.

While Apple uses a dedicated W1 chip in the AirPods to make the connection as seamless as possible, Google relies on software for Fast Pairing. As a result, all Android devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or above, and Google Play Services 11.7 or above are compatible with Fast Pair. However, you will still need a Fast Pair compatible accessory to use this feature.

Google further revealed that it has been “working closely with dozens of manufacturers”, and companies like Anker SoundCore, Bose and others are going to launch Fast Pair compatible accessories in the coming months.


2019 Maruti Ertiga Accessories List With Prices Revealed

15 accessories are made available in 2 packages and 17 other accessories for all 10 variants of the Ertiga.

2019 Ertiga Ambitious Package Accessories
These accessories will give buyers of the lower trim vehicles a premium feel

The much-awaited Ertiga was launched by Maruti on Saturday, November 21 2018. The MPV which is available in 10 variants (two engine and gearbox options) is expected to capture the affordable MPV market. Both engine options are equipped with Maruti’s SHVS technology to improve fuel efficiency.

Now, in a recent announcement, Maruti released the list of accessories available to the Ertiga. The vehicle already comes fully equipped but now buyers can add elements to the vehicle that match their personal taste. The accessories are divided into two packages – Ambitious and Indulge. The packages contain predefined interior and exterior accessories for the MPV. The third package consists the standard additional accessories that the manufacturer provides.

Some of the accessories include alloy wheels, interior wood trims, upgraded infotainment systems and parking camera. These accessories will allow customers of the lower-priced variants to get the top-spec variant features. The range topping variant already comes with most of these features.

2019 Maruti Ertiga Accessories

– 32 accessories in two packages – Ambitious, Indulge and other accessories
– Prices range from Rs. 350/- to Rs. 33,660/-
– Available for all 10 variants of the MPV

2019 Ertiga Indulge Package Accessories
The vehicle is already loaded with features, but the accessories will add more to it
2019 Ertiga Other Accessories


How Poppy Lissiman Went From It Sunglasses to Accessories Powerhouse

“I had no idea it would become as big as it is.” The Perth-born accessories supremo behind the Le Skinny sunglasses (perched atop the noses of every Kardashian) still has a few more surprises up her spangly sleeve.

Poppy Lissiman – of the namesake accessories label she founded in 2008 – is not one to walk a well-worn path. The Perth-raised, Sydney-based designer’s trend-bucking accessories, in outrageous shapes and loud colours, slingshot her to cult status at the tender age of 19. Putting her kaleidoscope of embellished bags, clutches, key chains, jewellery and iPhone covers aside, it was her kooky sunglasses, most notably the Le Skinny style, which set social media alight after debuting in May 2017 – (literally) reshaping the eyewear market overnight. She’s since amassed more than 160,000 Instagram followers.

“I had no idea it would become as big as it is”, says Lissiman in earnest. “We certainly had a stream of [clutch] orders coming from overseas prior to this in 2013 and 2014, which was fairly steady until the spike of Le Skinnys last year.”

The angular sunglasses perched atop the noses of every Kardashian, Hadid and high-flying influencer known to Instagram exude a futuristic “Matrix” attitude and come in mandarin, lilac and clear hues. Alongside fellow Australian label Le Specs (whose team she fondly describes as being “such lovely people”), Lissiman had the fortuitous timing of tapping into the ’90s-inflected shock-factor fashion zeitgeist.

Accessory design runs in her blood. Lissiman’s mum Suzi was an accessory buyer and taught her to sew at 10 years old. But while privy to the rag trade growing up, Lissiman had other ideas as a teenager. “The interest in fashion was always there. I remember having these expensive subscriptions to international magazines such as Collezione and saving up all summer for Louis Vuitton hair bobbles – but back then, all I really wanted was to be a doctor.” But when she didn’t get the marks to study medicine, a six-month graphic design course followed, trailed by a two-week fashion course at Curtin University in Perth. But it took a retail role managing a Zomp Shoes store for something to click. “It was the first time I met people like me, other fashion nerds. Put it this way, when Alexander McQueen died we all cried.”

Zomp Shoes also proved seminal in Lissiman’s love and understanding of retail and the customer experience. It was these lessons she later applied to founding Poppy Lissiman Addition (a boutique in Perth’s Claremont) where she stocked her own line of ball gowns beside international labels including Mara Hoffman, L’America and Opening Ceremony. When she couldn’t find the right accessories to complement her zany, whimsical aesthetic, she decided to design her own.

“In the beginning I designed a lot for myself. It was very much a ‘I want this, so I’ll make this’ mentality,” she says. Ironically, it was this very instinct that almost derailed some serious sales.


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“I must admit my first sunglasses collection went terribly, even my friends didn’t buy them,” she says. “I almost didn’t do another one.” Lucky for us, she did. “I had the sample for Le Skinny on my kitchen counter and, having tried them on, they didn’t suit me at all. And so I decided against putting them into production. It wasn’t until a stylist friend, Thom Townsend, came over, saw them lying there, tried them on and told me I just had to make them.” With the help of social media, the Le Skinny heralded a new attitude in accessories and the rest is street-style history.

Flash forward to today and it’s not surprising the home of pop culture, the USA, is her biggest market. But her line of pop-inspired vegan-leather bags perform best on home turf (led by the best-selling South Beach Shell Shoulder Bag, which involves gold shell embellishments moulded from a scallop shell Lissiman found out the front of her parent’s house on South Beach in Perth’s Fremantle).

Lissiman hints she is keen to keep surprising her customers. “I think once you do one thing, you tend to want to swing the other way,” she says.

In full-throttle design mode as she works towards the looming production deadline of glitter wallets and nylon camera bags, which are slated to arrive before Christmas, the designer admits inspiration is as unconventional as her designs. “I get my best ideas when I’m having a massage, not that I have them all the time. Just the other day I was stuck in traffic and the tail lights of the car in front had an interesting shape. I literally just took a photo of their bumper as inspiration for a shape so, yeah, inspiration can come from absolutely anywhere.”

The designer also realised it was difficult to find eyewear made from premium materials at the right price point (her sunglasses retail between $125 and $145). “We wanted a price point that’s open to everyone. We felt we could still be a fashion-y brand without feeling the need to exclude people from the trend just to make an extra buck,” she says.

When asked how she handled the recent upshot in demand, Lissiman credits her “tight ship” team, which includes her parents Suzi and Skip Lissiman and marketing manager, Candy Wood. Lissiman also notes while everyone has their individual roles, the label is run very much like a start-up with many hats being swapped one day to the next. In addition to designing, Lissiman also oversees the label’s social-media accounts, graphic design and some of the customer service, too. And it was only earlier this year the PR was outsourced for the first time.

Thanks to Lissiman’s intimate involvement and her distinctly electric aesthetic, what was once a start-up sunglasses label has brazenly cut through the noise to be embraced by the mainstream. Keeping pace with its international appeal, Lissiman’s sights are set on expanding the label’s global footprint by strengthening relationships with wholesalers including Net-a-Porter and Galeries Lafayette, Kith and Lissiman-approved boutiques dotted across Cannes, Nice and Paris.

Between toying with the idea to return to designing wearable ball gowns, costume jewellery in the works and a range of vegan wallets launching early next year, the future looks fittingly technicolour for Poppy Lissiman. Wherever the path may lead one thing you can expect from her is the unexpected. “Every time I design, I think, ‘Have I seen this yet?’”


Best Accessories for Lenovo Yoga Book C930

Image result for Best Accessories for Lenovo Yoga Book C930

Lenovo’s Yoga Book C930 is a unique convertible laptop with two displays in lieu of a physical keyboard, an active pen for inking, and a slim, portable chassis that makes it easy to tuck under an arm. However, accessories can take it to the next level. On the go, you might want to add some protection, plus it has a couple of USB-C ports and a microSD card reader, opening it up to a number of accessories. We’ve rounded up the best right here.


2018 Maruti Suzuki Ertiga accessories list revealed

Maruti Suzuki launched the much anticipated new Ertiga on November 21. The MPV is available in 10 variants, with two engine and gearbox options. The engines on offer are a new 105hp, 1.5-litre petrol engine, taken from the Ciaz sedan, and a 90hp, 1.3-litre diesel from its predecessor. While the diesel is just mated to a 5-speed manual, the petrol can be had with either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed torque converter automatic gearbox.

The new Ertiga comes well-equipped with features straight from the factory, but buyers can customise their cars to their personal taste with the wide range of accessories that Maruti Suzuki offers with the MPV. On offer are two packages – Ambitious and Indulge – that include predefined, interior and exterior accessories for the Ertiga. Additionally, customers can also pick individual accessories for their vehicle.

Buyers of the lower trims will especially find the accessories list useful as they can equip their car with features such as alloy wheels, interior wood trims, infotainment systems and parking camera, which are standard on the top-spec variants.

Given below is the entire list of accessories (with prices) that are available with the new Ertiga:

Ambitious Package

  • Box finish lining seat covers – Rs 11,432
  • Body side moulding with chrome insert – Rs 4,213
  • Rear upper spoiler – Rs 7,199
  • Reverse Parking Assist in IRVM – NA
  • Bumper corner protectors – Rs 867
  • Designer mats – Rs 1,190
  • Window frame kit – Rs 3,763
  • Steering wheel cover – NA
  • Tissue box – NA

Indulge Package

  • Nautical star finish seat cover – Rs 11,432
  • Body side moulding garnish finish – Rs 3,603
  • Rear bumper garnish – Rs 1,563
  • Window frame kit – Rs 3,763
  • Deluxe carpet mat – Rs 1,790
  • Interior styling kit for armrest bezel with maple wood finish – Rs 9,169

Other accessories

  • 15-inch alloy wheels – Rs 32,220
  • Wheel covers – Rs 2,036
  • Exterior styling kit (Rear spoiler, side skirts, trunk lid spoiler) – Rs 33,660
  • Door sill guard – Rs 1,626
  • Door sill guard with illumination – Rs 3,844
  • Fog lamp garnish – Rs 2,133
  • Door handle garnish – Rs 1,903
  • Reverse parking aid with 4 sensors, IRVM display and camera – Rs 15,680
  • Security system with sensor – Rs 7,370
  • Body covers Normal/Premium – Rs 1,890/2,999
  • Premium art leather seat covers – Rs 12,732
  • Interior styling kit for dashboard – Rs 8,369
  • Number plate garnish – Rs 986
  • 1,000 Watts Sub Woofer – Rs 20,360
  • Car perfume – Rs 350
  • Premium car care kit – Rs 1,474
  • Speed governor – Rs 15,000


10 Must-Have Accessories to Host The Ultimate Wine Evening

Wine Opener

Wine Opener

A sturdy and solid wine opener to open your favourite Old World Wine is a must have. Everyone prefers and trusts the good old butterfly opener.

Wine Glass

Wine Glass

A perfect glass is what makes all the difference to how your wine will taste.

An excellent French vino might end up tasting horrible if poured and served in a beer glass.

Ice Bucket

Ice Bucket

Invest in some simple inexpensive Ice Buckets.

They are the crux to your wine tasting and it would be so when the wine is chilled to the perfect temperature.

An ideal temperature to chill your wines is- Sparkling Wine: 6-8 degree Celsius; White Wine / Rose: 8-12 degree Celsius; Red Wine: 14-18 degree Celsius; Sweet Wine: 6-8 degree Celsius.Also, make sure you store your wines very carefully in a cool dark place where there is no direct sunlight.

Wines with cork should always be placed horizontally so that the cork is in constant contact with the wine and does not dry up.


9to5Google Gift Guide: The best accessories for the Pixelbook

The Pixelbook’s combination of laptop and tablet form factors has made it extremely versatile, but sometimes the desktop format just makes more sense. Moshi has just what you need with their Symbus line of Made for Google laptop docks, offering power, HDMI, Ethernet, and extra USB connections.

Their latest, the Moshi Symbus Q, vastly improves on the design by including wireless charging that supports 9W charging for Samsung devices and 7.5W charging for Apple. Unfortunately, the Symbus Q does not seem to offer 10W wireless fast charging for the Pixel 3, as found on the Pixel Stand and select third-party chargers, only standard 5W Qi charging.

Otherwise, the Symbus Q is a crazy all-in-one accessory that makes an easy recommendation for anyone wanting to use the Pixelbook at a desk. Moshi’s original Symbus is also a solid choice for $40 less, albeit without wireless charging.


Testing Apple iPhone XS Max accessories: Element Case Vapor-S and ZAAP Quick Touch One Pro

Apple iPhone XS Max sports a very high price tag, and that’s also why you should invest in a good case to keep this safe. Here we tested two iPhone XS Max accessories.

Apple, Apple iPhone XS Max cases, Apple iPhone XS Max Element Case Vapor-S case, Apple iPhone XS best cases, Best cases for iPhone, Top covers for iPhone XS
Testing out some accessories for the Apple iPhone XS Max: Element Case Vapor-S offers some sturdy protection for your expensive iPhone.

The Apple iPhone XS Max is a unique phone in the iOS universe. It might be the first of many in this size, but for now it is unique. But it also posses unique challenges. Despite having the best glass Apple has ever put on a phone, the fact is that this phone has glass on two sides, which has its threshold.

Given the price tag of the phone you have to invest in something that protects it all day long. And since you have paid a grand packet on the iPhone XS Max, it might not make much sense to mummify your phone, hiding its features and style.

This is where the Element Case Vapor-S comes in. The Vapor-S is a metal bumper case for the iPhone XS Max with rear glass protection. That is putting it mildly. This is infact a military grade metal frame for the iPhone, that keeps it away from the surface in case of a fall.

And I was not joking when I said military grade. The case needs to be riveted in with a unique wrench, which you also need in order to take the case off. This means the bumper is tightly in place at all times.