Epic fail: Nike’s self-lacing Adapt BB shoes rendered useless with faulty Android app


OREGON: Nike built one of the coolest smart shoes but probably forgot to test its compatible app, leaving users frustrated.

Adapt BB by Nike are the company’s self-lacing shoes which use a compatible smartphone app called Nike Adapt to execute the function of self-lacing.

However, a number of users are reporting on the app page on Google Play that the app doesn’t pair properly with the shoes, leaving them practically useless. One user reported how resetting the shoe, uninstalling the app, even turning off Bluetooth, did not help the case.


A company executive responded to the user, acknowledging the issue and assuring that Nike is working towards fixing the problem.

According to software engineer Johnathan Warner, wrote in a tweet that the Nike apparently did not quality test the Android version of its Adapt app as thoroughly as the iOS version which seems to work fine.

Sadly, all customers of the Nike Adapt BB with Android devices are now left with bricked shoes due to broken firmware update routine. Until the company issues a fix, it is nothing more than USD 350-worth of shoes which are basic, won’t self-lace, or light-up.