Designer’s historic restoration project featured in 34th Annual Holiday Home Tour

Todd Yoggy is an interior designer who has designed and owned homes across the U.S. – from Los Angeles to Richmond.

He grew up in Big Flats before moving to California, where his office is now located. In December 2017, Yoggy purchased a historic Tudor home on Hoffman Street, in Elmira’s Near Westside neighborhood. That home will be featured in the 34th Annual “Homes for the Holidays” holiday house tour.

His goal of restoring the home aligns with the goal of the Near Westside Neighborhood Association (NWNA), a non-profit organization based in Elmira which aims to revitalize the area and preserve its history.

Yoggy and some of his childhood friends, who also have houses in the area, approached the NWNA to ask if they could all participate in the holiday tour.

The designer’s hope is that not only does the tour of his home inspire residents to “do something different” with their own homes, but also raises awareness of the NWNA’s goals.

“Hopefully people will get involved and be inspired to save more houses like this and bring them back.  I hope when I’m done with this project that it’s good for the next 100 years, and then somebody else will have to come and do it again. It’s an ongoing process,” Yoggy said.

Also featured in his home is a 13-foot Christmas tree, with a 40-year collection of ornaments. Yoggy purchased the tree from Maple Ave. Tree Farms, which has over 800 trees in its lot.

“I knew if I was going to do the tour, I wanted to go all out[…]I’m a total traditionalist when it comes to Christmas. I want my Christmas tree to be as traditional as possible,” Yoggy said.