Designer Amit Aggarwal wants men to invest in shoes, advises against oversized clothes

Designer Amit Aggarwal wants men to invest in shoes, suggests avoiding oversized clothesWhen going from business to play, designer Amit Aggarwal advises using the rule of light:

Building your wardrobe
“Men today are more open to breaking the rules and are comfortable with taking risks. 2019 will see an experimental space for men’s fashion trends — mismatched prints, bright colours and a mix of fabrics. But the essentials for any wardrobe remain a pair of wellfitted jeans, a structured jacket, sneakers and a watch.”

Going from 9 am to 9 pm
“Use the rule of light — go from light colours during the day to dark colours at night. You can wear a fitted shirt during the day and pair it with light denim and a flannel shirt and change to dark denim and a dark coloured jacket at night.”

One fashion item men should invest in
“Shoes. A fashion-forward man can never have enough pairs of high- quality shoes.”


Bizarre Yet ‘Befikre’

6 Jul, 2018

Ranveer Singh is all things Bollywood, over-the-top, and dramatic. Singh is synonymous with his theatrics and abundant energy, both on and off-screen. Add to that his bold, and out-of-the-box style, and you have a star who is not afraid to experiment. On his 33rd birthday, we revisit some typical, ‘Befikre’ Ranveer-kinda fashion moments that only he could pull off with élan. (Image: Agencies)

Style mantra
“Less is more. My favourite accessories are neck scarves in the winter and sunglasses in the summer. The best way to use both is to let them be a reflection of your personality which for me is minimalistic.”

One accessory you wish would make a comeback
“I am a bit old school and I think handkerchiefs define a gentleman.”

One trend to avoid
“Oversize logo shirts and oversized clothes.”

Luxury to you is…
“High-quality products with great craftsmanship.”

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