Best Accessories for DJI Osmo Pocket in 2019

The DJI Osmo Pocket is a game-changing product for on-the-go photographers and videographers by putting a 3-axis gimbal quite literally in your pocket. However, to get the most from the Osmo Pocket, you’re going to want some great accessories.

Attach everything

DJI Accessory Mount

The Accessory Mount is essential to attach your Osmo Pocket to a tripod or a host of other accessories. It clips around the body and has a standard GoPro-style mount on the rear so you can connect all your favorite accessories.

$19 at DJI

Better looking video

Freewell ND Filters

These magnetic filters clip over the lens on the Osmo Pocket and will give your footage a whole new look. This all-day pack has eight filters, some with polarizers, to ensure great video in all daylight conditions.

$130 at Amazon

Better support

PGYTECH phone bracket

This neat little bracket allows you to use the Osmo Pocket with your smartphone attached without putting any strain on your phone’s charging port. It’s also a great way to add a tripod and an external microphone.

$26 at Amazon

Max protection

Anbee portable hard case

For a little added protection, this affordable case has a foam insert with precise cutouts for the Osmo Pocket, your cables, and the DJI case, as well as a large zipped pocket. It’s water resistant and tough enough to absorb the knocks so your Osmo Pocket doesn’t have to.

$10 at Amazon

Gimbal locked

PGYTECH gimbal protector

The 3-axis gimbal is what makes the Osmo Pocket so special, and it’s not something you want to damage. This simple plastic hood locks it in place when you’re not using it, preventing any accidental contact as well as protecting the lens.

$9 at Amazon

Scratch proof

SunnyLIFE screen protector

To keep the display on the Osmo Pocket looking its best, you’ll want to invest in a screen protector. This pack contains glass protectors for the camera lens and the screen and will keep it scratch free without impeding its touch sensitivity.

$9 at Amazon

Wire free

DJI Wireless Module

There’s no wireless connectivity built into the Osmo Pocket, so to operate it remotely from your phone or tablet you need the Wireless Module from DJI. It adds Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, allows you to charge the Osmo Pocket, and acts as a sturdy base.

$59 at DJI

One handed

DJI Controller Wheel

Making fine adjustments on the small touchscreen on the Osmo Pocket is pretty tough. The additional controller wheel provides precise pan and tilt control for the gimbal as well as one-handed quick changing between modes.

$59 at DJI

Fast storage

Sandisk Extreme 64GB micro SD card

A good micro SD card is essential for the Osmo Pocket if you’re going to be shooting 4K video. This one from Sandisk has a fast write speed and plenty of storage at an affordable price. It also comes with an SD adapter to use with your PC or Mac.

$21 at Amazon

The Osmo Pocket already has a wealth of great accessories available. Some, like a great micro SD card are staples of using any camera, but to really take your experience up a notch you’ll want to be able to add all kinds of accessories, and the DJI Accessory Mount gives you that freedom.


Accessories Line Trademark, a Fashion Editor Favourite, to Close

Trademark bucket bag |  Source: Instagram

NEW YORK, United States — Trademark, the accessories line founded by Tory Burch’s stepdaughters Pookie and Louisa, is closing. Resort 2019 will be the final collection sold in stores.

Founded in 2014, Trademark was best known for its Italian-leather bucket bags and crafty gingham-print totes, a favourite among fashion editors and creative elites.

Trademark closed its New York flagship in 2017, ditched its ready-to-wear line and changed factories in order to offer its accessories at lower prices — mostly under $500 for shoes and handbags — while still sourcing materials from Italy.

The strategic repositioning saw initial success and the company was on track to triple sales as of July 2018. “Customers are buying in multiples,” Louisa Burch told BoF at the time. “Just seeing that has been really exciting. It’s the price point we always want to shop at.”

In order to further scale, Trademark would’ve had to once again change its sourcing, which was not what the Burches wanted, a person with knowledge of the company said.

Trademark’s primary investor was Burch Creative Capital, the investment firm founded by the Burches’ father, Christopher.

“After much consideration, Louisa and Pookie Burch have decided to take a pause from Trademark, their accessories label,” the brand said in an email statement. “Louisa and Pookie are extremely thankful to their retail partners, talented team and loyal customers who have supported them along this journey.”

The mid-priced handbag market has become saturated in recent years with newcomers such as Wandler, Danse Lente and Staud — another brand backed by Burch Creative Capital.

“This consumer is very educated, they really know what they want, which makes our jobs more complicated,” Pookie Burch said in July. “You have to be on your toes.”


Louis Vuitton

“We are the world.” Trust Virgil Abloh to pinpoint an incredibly apt, multi-resonating, globally inclusive title for his debut at Louis Vuitton menswear. The levels of that clever reference—running from Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie’s 1985 charity single in support of Ethiopian famine relief, through the power source of Afro-cultural creativity in music and style, to the activation of the narrative of an international luxury powerhouse brand—were impressive to contemplate, even before the show kicked off. As the sun shone down on the gardens of the Palais Royal, the significance of his central visual metaphor, the rainbow, also sank in. All colors, all nationalities, all identities, and generations welcome here, it said.

Say what you like about Abloh’s qualifications as a fashion designer—he didn’t go to fashion school, he’s accused of appropriating others’ work, all this sort of thing—the overarching role of any leader in office today (fashion, corporate, or political) is to set a tone, personally. In such a divisive, social media–bitchy time, Abloh’s humble-smart, personal-friendly communication skills are of a caliber that can bring people with him. As he faced the biggest test of his credibility today, he deftly set the mood to happiness—that, and a demonstration that, resources unlimited, he can be a bridge between the perceived divide between democratic aspirations and the output at the top of the citadel.

To detail. His starting point, he said in a pre-show interview at LV headquarters, was the idea of white light hitting a prism, and dividing into its component colors. The personal symbolism—his identity as a designer of his own brand, Off-White—was exercised, classily transmuted into the opening look: a tailored suit with a double-breasted blazer and fluid two-pleat trousers. This being an accessory house, all eyes zoomed to bag and shoes: a matte white crocodile tote and trainers. It reassured, and confirmed. The tide is turning toward hip tailoring—there’s been no such thing for way too long. Plus, he’s analyzed the fine art of twisting a classic accessory just enough to make it coolly desirable. In his show notes, he’d noted it as a precise formula, “3%.”

He met the challenge of designing for what is essentially a luxury accessories company by merging bags, wallets, and card holders into hybrid garments—holsters, harnesses, protective zippered vests. Somewhere along the way, these layerings became reminiscent of Helmut Lang’s ’90s canon of design: the casual with the formal, the sense of a calmly empowered gang of friends, a new generation coming into its own.

In 2018, that’s the spirit here. His casting of friends—there were maps, setting out their truly diverse roots in the program notes—celebrated that. In the end, though, the magic of this revolution was nothing confrontational. It even had a romantic, whimsical thread: the rainbow trope leading back to the notion of The Wizard of Oz. There was a print of Dorothy, lying in a bed of roses, beaded embroideries of the friends on the yellow brick road. In this sense, fully felt by Abloh as he came out, overwhelmed, to take his bow, it’s an American dream come true. The last look was a metallic silver poncho with “Follow the Yellow Brick” written on a breast patch. When he posted a picture of that moment on his Instagram, the caption read, “You can do it too.”


Fashion: Linger longer in leather

Lisa Hahnbueck, a fashion blogger wears a Chloe dress; Nina Dobrev, centre, a Bulgarian actress in lemon and Claire Foy, right, in a Rosetta Getty shift dress

The fashion elite have a hot new look, and it’s hot in every sense. Leather dresses, once just for hotel bedrooms or Hallowe’en, are the next big thing, and designers want you wearing one in the daytime.

The LDD — leather day dress — was one of the most popular items on the catwalks for autumn-winter 2018. Instead of the flesh-flashing fits of the va-va-voom variety, these dresses are designed with structured shapes, roomy fits and utilitarian pockets and collars.


The Best Women’s Accessories Under £150

women's accessories under £150

Women’s Accessories Under £150

We’re not made out of money, and we’re guessing neither are you, so for us, party season can be a strain on the old pocket book. All those presents, drinks out and set course meals means we hardly have anything spare to actually buy our perfect party outfits. Thankfully, we’ve come up with the solution, a gallery of 57 accessories under £150 to pair with your faithful LBD.


5 Accessories Every Guy Should Own

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When it comes to accessories, men are limited in choice as compared to women. They do not have thousands of designs and styles at their disposal, and have to make the best of what is available. No matter your age, what you do for a living, or the kind of lifestyle you lead, these five accessories are something you cannot live without. Even if you’re not using them on the daily, there definitely will be an occasion to pull them out.

Dopp Kit

Dopp Kit

A Dopp kit is an absolute must-have, especially if you’re someone who is on the road often. It is the perfect accessory to keep all your grooming products organised so that they’re easily within your reach. The kit will also come handy whenever you’re going on a weekend getaway. They’re available in different shapes and sizes.

Good Quality Leather Belts


A leather belt is a necessity at any time of the year, and it is important to have one for every occasion. You can use it to dress up a casual look, or give an extra edge to your formal attire. An important rule of thumb – the colour of your belt must always match the colour of the shoes you’re wearing.

Fancy Briefcase

Fancy Briefcase

A briefcase isn’t an accessory of choice when it comes to most men. Nevertheless, if you’re an office-going lad, it is imperative that you invest in one. A briefcase would give you a much sharper and professional appearance. If you don’t wish to carry a briefcase everyday to work, you can carry it for important meetings where you’re representing the organisation you’re working for.

White Sneakers

White Sneakers

On days when you want to kick back and have a casual day out, white sneakers are the perfect accompaniment to your outfit. No matter you’re age or body type, you can never go wrong with a pair of good ol’ whites. Besides being effortlessly trendy, they’re extremely trendy and can be pulled off by almost anyone.



A beanie or a hat is a great style option if you want to introduce some texture to your style. The versatility of a beanie makes it feasible to invest in, and they’re available in a number of colours and designs to suit your taste. Caps and snapback hats are a great way to keep it casual if you’re not into beanies, and you can even experiment with them as their designs are a lot bolder than that of beanies.